19 April 2012

Welcoming BBQ KUACT 2012

First event of the year was the KUACT BBQ! Ha, macam tak tahu je, Malaysians dengan makanan macam darah dengan daging; siapa tak seronok bila dengar BBQ kan? I know I am. This event, held on 10 March at Glebe Park spanned a crowd of people who came for the food (what else?) and fun. And we’re talking delicious, praise-worthy food here, mind you.Tak percaya? *okay*

From 11 a.m onwards, guests started arriving including (VIP), PRs and fellow Malaysian students. They were served with an array of home-cooked meals and side-dishes comprising of chicken wings and shrimps, nasi goreng Cina, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn cobs, vegetable pasta and the list goes on. And most of them were cooked the night before! Hebat tak hebat?

Wani then gave her first opening speech and introduced her committee members before everyone resumed eating – way to go, priorities *chuckle* and basically just have fun seeing each other. At around 3 p.m. people said their goodbyes and everyone returned home feeling satiated.
All in all, it was a good start for a new year; good food, good people, making new friends and meeting each other after a long summer break; cheers to another fun-filled and relaxing event coming soon!

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