14 April 2012

Introduction to 2012 Committee Members

Now that this blog has been resuscitated back to life, we are proud to present to you the committee members for KUACT club of 2012. With the tagline of "United We Stand, Divided We Fall", KUACT club is now back in full swing with its' new set of people to carry out the vision that define this very club. Below are the committee members of KUACT club 2012 :

Syazwani Suhaimy

Vice President
Farhana Md Ghazali

Secretary 1
Nur Naquiyah Mat Yusoff

Secretary 2
Azmin Nur Ahmad Zamri

Izyan Mastura Abdullah

Human Resources
Nur Sabrina Abd Rani

Liason Officer
Arina Muhammad Azhar

Sports & Recreational
Shazwan Fadhli Fadzlullah Shuhaimi

IT & Media
Umair Hafiz

Academic & Intellectual
Chik Nazrin Chik Omar

Social Welfare
Muhammad Ashraf Shah Samsor

We might present ourself as silly bunch of people but when it comes to carrying out our jobs, you can be sure that we will see it through. After all, it is often said people with inclination towards eccentricity often showcase talents of some some kind. That, or pure insanity but you can cross this possibility out.

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