29 April 2012

KUACT Bowling Competition 2012

On the 5th of April KUACT held a bowling tournament at the AMF Bowling Centre in Belconnen; the perfect time to unwind after exams and also to mark the start of a long Easter break. Some 40 people attended this event; with a few hoping to dominate the bowling alley to win the fabulous prizes and for some, just indulge in a fun-filled activity. After all, that is what KUACT is all about.

The event commenced at around 8.30pm, the spirits were high and the eagerness to start playing some bowling could be seen in the participants' body language. During the registration, the participants were given the choice to either play in a group of two or play individually, the only difference between those two were the scoring system and the eligibility to win the group prizes.


Most importantly, the participants were given snacks in the form of either salami sandwich or tuna sandwich - undeniably, food was, is and will always be a pivotal factor in the success of any Malaysian event. As the game progresses, roars of laughters, screams of disappointment, cheering and also jeering could be heard from all of the lanes. That, by itself, is a sign of a successful event.


Needless to say, the centre was filled with cheers and shouts of triumph as the scores piled up during the total of 3 games played, and the winners were as follows:

Women's Single:

1. Puan Nazirah (397 points)
2. Nur Sabrina Abd Rani (385 points)

Men's Single:

1. Feisal (464 points)
2. Encik Fauzi (461 points)

Team category:
1. Encik Fauzi and Encik Zairie (852 points)
‎2. Othman and Encik Faizal (772 points)

Congratulations to all winners, and stay tuned for our next session!

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